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3 Questions to Ask a Web Designer Before You Hire Them
4 March 2020

Your website influences your business. It brands y

3 Questions to Ask a Web Designer Before You Hire Them

Your website influences your business. It brands your company online and makes it easier for you to connect to and deal with your customers.

It's important to create a site that is suitably designed and structured to meet your current and future needs. To do this, you need help from a website design company.

You stand a better chance of getting this right first time if you choose the right designer. Asking these three key questions helps you build a shortlist.

1. Do They Have Relevant Experience?

In an ideal scenario, you partner with a website company with the skills and experience to build the site you want. They should have experience that relates to your company's size and business sector.

The company doesn't have to have worked for your competitors; however, they need to understand what kind of company you are. For example, if you're a new business, then your website needs are different to those of an established multi-national corporation. You need a designer with experience of creating scalable sites for start-ups.

Or, if you work in a creative field, your site needs to reflect your own skills. You'll be better off working with a designer who has built sites for this sector rather than one who deals with more corporate professional services.

2. How Do They Meet Business Goals?

As you talk to website designers, they'll show you examples of their work. It's easy to get carried away by great designs and innovative features, but you need to keep your business head on at this stage.

While design and functionality do matter, they should target your company's needs. Your website has goals it has to meet. So, ask designers how these example websites met their clients' goals and objectives.

For example, if a company wanted to use a new website to increase their mailing list or number of orders, then the designer should be able to tell you how well the site worked. This shows that they can take a brief, understand it and deliver it.

3. Can They Work Across Different Platforms?

It's not enough to create a website that works from computers and laptops nowadays. People will access your site from different devices like smartphones and tablets.

While you want your main site to work for general Internet users, you also need variations of it that will work seamlessly across various brands and platforms of mobile devices. An experienced designer can deliver this.

So, keep these questions in mind as you talk to website designers. They will help you choose the right company to use.